Friday, June 15, 2007

Late May Improvements

Pictures from 5/26/2007

New mower:

New Pavilion:

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I have a prefered type of glove to use while mowing the yard... the cotton type with black rubber dots. They are light, cheap, you can still operate your iPod with them on, John says they will keep the sun from burning the back of your hands and I especially like them because they can be used to wipe the sweat from your brow. I really don't like it when sweat burns my eyes. As a yard rookie I used the leather work gloves and had to take them off to grab a towel from my pocket or hanging form the mower. Doing all this meant stopping the mower then restarting it. It is a real time saver to just wipe and run!

Got it done

Christian was going to come over to help me hang drywall in the basement last night, but I had not bleached the walls yet so I had to cancel. I then was able to turn my attention to the lawn and finished the rest of the uncut yard. Sammie used the rotary push mower to cut the side part for me. What a great helper. I need to take pictures of the rotary mower and post them here... but no time last night. I was wiped out and after the yard was cut I sat down for a well deserved rest!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Time to mow the doughnuts

It rained most of the weekend... I was able to mow the front part of the lawn but just as I was moving on to the next section, it began to rain. I had to run to the Regional meeting anyway, so I showered and hoped it would stop by the time I returned. It did not stop. I moved on to other non-lawn related tasks and figured I would have to finish the cutting on Monday. I hate mowing during the week, I come home wiped out and then have to jump into grass cutting mode. I was not thrilled but I psyched myself up to do it... but my plans were dashed when I got home from picking up the boys from Kids Care to find the mate was out. The boys really wanted to go into the pool and I can not cut grass *AND* insure my legal requirement of a minimum level of safety for them. Damn! The mate called and could come home or stop to get yummy chinese food for dinner... I had to choose, mow the lawn or have a yummy chinese food dinner. I had to make a choice and chinese food won.

I have a meeting tonight so my next opportunity to cut the grass will be Wednesday.